Creating conditional ticket fields

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  • Yoram

    Hi Erik,


    Option number two 2 is doable with a bit of a hack...

    You will need to create 2 custom fields, one on the org level and the other on the ticket level

    You will need to populate both of them with the same values and tag names.

    Once a ticket is created, the organizational custom field will add the tag to the ticket and by doing so, as the tags have the same value, it will set the custom field value to the same value as in the organizational custom field.


    I think this will work only on ticket create and not update (haven't tested it).

    Hope this helps you..


  • Allison Levitan

    Is there a way to make a field conditional/required for only certain instances, but VIEWABLE at all times?

  • David C

    Is this the TL:DR version?

    Create a new form, create and add all the fields you need. Once all fields are in, create the conditions.  

  • Randy Gentil

    Hello - I am wanting to add a Conditional Field, however, I do not see a Settings option, as seen below. Would anyone be able to assist? Thanks!


  • John Weber


    In the forms view you mouseover the form to the right end and select Conditions to launch the Conditions screen where you can create your Conditions.


  • karan sharma

    Can we add more conditional fields than 1500 which is the maximum or is there any way we can do that or exceed that limit maybe via app or some other logic ?


    Please support

  • Lori Christianson

    Help!  I am setting up conditional fields for the first time.

    I have a dropdown where the user selects an issue, and then from there is supposed to be directed to additional fields that ask for more information depending upon their choice.

    Dropdown:  What is your issue?

    Option 1:  I can't log in.  (No conditional fields based upon this.)

    Option 2:  Broken link (Conditional field:  Name of course)

    Option 3:  Issue with portfolio (No conditional fields based upon this)

    Option 4:  Issue with assignment folder (Conditional field:  Name of course)

    What I had hoped was that on the main view of the form, the conditional field would not appear until the user selected an option that activated it.  However, this field -- "Name of course" -- is  present on the main view of the form.  So even though it's not supposed to appear until someone chooses an option that activates it -- it is visible on the main form to the end user.  It makes the conditional aspect of it useless.

    "Name of course" is not a required field.  The form is set so no option is preselected for "What is your issue?" 

    What have I missed in this setup process?

  • Julio H
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Lori,
    To avoid showing this field "Name of course" the field must be linked to a condition. In your main ticket form, you should add all the fields you would like to show. However, they will show if they have not been linked to a condition. 

    Please, contact Zendesk Support Team, if you're required further assistance. 

  • Oliver Tietze

    Hey all,

    I'm not sure if I miss something here. We're working with conditional fields for agents successfully.

    Now we plan to activate the "Request new ticket" end-user form, and we want a few fields to conditionally appear whenever the user selects a specific contact reason.

    It just doesn't work. All conditional fields are shown to the user at any times. The "conditional" feature appears to be just not there, no matter what we configure.

    Are "end-user" conditions really meant to be working in the help center 'new request' form?


  • Steven Hampson

    I am having a problem with trying to delete a value from a custom field, I get an error message: 

    "Field options: 'Vision' is used in Conditional Ticket Fields and cannot be changed or removed. To do that, please remove it from the form's conditions."

    However, I have already deleted it from the conditional fields and the value is definitely not on any other condition / form, so why can't I delete the field? Can anyone help please, I'm pulling my hair out! 



  • Steven Hampson

    I found the answer to my own problem - it was hiding as a conditional field on a deactivated form... ! 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Glad you were able to find a solution Steven! Let us know if you have any other questions :)  
  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Glad you were able to find a solution Steven! Let us know if you have any other questions :)  
  • Ian Hawkins


    We only want to show a custom field when the ticket status is Solved.  Is this possible to configure this using conditions?  I don't see Ticket Status in the list of fields to configure the condition against.

    Thanks, Ian

  • Colleen Hall
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Ian Hawkins,

    Ticket Status is a standard ticket field. You can't apply conditions to standard ticket fields, except for Priority and Type. Please see this section about which fields you can't apply conditions to and the list of standard ticket fields for more information. I hope that helps!

  • Steven Hampson

    Ian Hawkins Hi Ian, one trick I used for a similar situation (we wanted fields to appear only after ticket is created), is to use the ticket field manager app to create a hidden field, then use it as your conditional field. 

    Installing and using the Ticket Field Manager app – Zendesk help

    For example, create a custom dropdown like 'ticket solved - yes / no'. Default it to no. 

    Have your custom field set as a condition, when the first field is yes. 

    Then create a trigger to set the value as yes, when ticket is solved. 

    Finally, use the app to make the first dropdown a hidden field. Then it just does its magic behind the curtain. 



  • Yoram

    I am looking for an option to add a new condition to multiple forms

    The use case is I am adding a new condition that should be applied to a few forms

    At the moment, from what I can see, I need to add the conditions manually to each one of the forms.

    It would be great to have an option to specify at the condition level to what form it applies to.


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Yoram,
    Thanks for sharing this with us! I would recommend sharing your feedback in our Feedback - Ticketing System (Support) using the following template. That way we can get your feedback to the appropriate product managers for review :)  
    Thanks again!
  • Alec Yevilov


    I have an issue where none of our date fields show up. I have checked the forms and the fields and all look correct, but if its a date type it does not show up. Is there something I'm missing. Somewhere I need to look to check.

    Thanks Alec

  • Noly Maron Unson
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Alec,

    I am going to create a ticket on your behalf to further check on this. Please check your email for my message and reply.

    Thank you.

  • HS

    Can someone from Zendesk please explain why conditions can't be applied to multi-select fields? I want to be able to surface an additional field only when an agent checks a specific checkbox in a multi-select field.  

  • Joyce
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello HS,
    Multi-select field is one of the field types that cannot be used in the conditional ticket fields as discussed here.

    You can't apply conditions to the standard fields described in About ticket fields, except for Priority and Type. You also can't apply conditions to these type of custom fields described in Adding custom fields to your tickets and support request form:

    • Multi-select
    • Numeric
    • Decimal
    • Date
    • Regex
    • Lookup relationship
  • John Watts

    Are there plans to add the ability to create conditions based on multi-select fields?  I was surprised to learn that this isn't currently possible.

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi John,

    I agree with you that this good feature to have! I found this existing Feature Request: Multi Select Field - Make Conditional, I highly suggest that you upvote this post and leave a comment on the thread with your use case.

    Our Product Managers actively monitor our feedback threads, and conversations with high user engagement ultimately get flagged by the team for roadmap planning. Thank you!

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