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  • Sy Sussman


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  • This functionality works fine for us.  However, it doesn't seem that views or reports have any parameters to pull problem tickets that have linked incidents or incidents that are linked to a problem.  Or any ability to report on how many linked incidents any given problem has.  The only visibility into the association is at the individual ticket level.  That added layer of insight is really important for us. Any plans on this for the future or other ways to solve for this other than custom API reports?

  • Roshan George (deactivated)

    How can I make the "linked problem" field required? I don't want agents logging an incident without associating with a Problem. It doesn't show up as a field in Admin Centre because I guess technically it's a sub field which is only displayed when Incident is selected as ticket type.

  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Sy, 
    I created a ticket on your behalf, we will get in touch via email. 
  • Federico Olmus

    Hello Zendesk Community!

    How can we limit the incidents that are proposed before linking a ticket to an incident? We only want to see incidents within the brand of the ticket. Any recommendations?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Federico,
    I don't think there's a built-in way to do that, so for now I think it's going to need to be addressed via training your agents to verify the brand before assigning an incident to a problem ticket. But can you post your use case to our Feedback on the ticketing system (Support) topic, using this template to format your feedback?
  • Jed Hollander

    Is it possible to have an INC ticket, when attached to the Problem ticket, duplicate the fields that are set by the Problem ticket?

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jed Hollander,


    We don't have a native option at the moment for incident tickets to copy the ticket fields of the problem ticket.  You may use the API and placeholders to pass field values from one ticket to another, but it’s really manual. It can’t dynamically send a problem ticket’s fields to all incidents. We do have a 3rd party app in the Zendesk Marketplace that you can check out called Ticket Field Copier. Hope this helps!

  • P Johansson
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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi P Johansson -
    It seems like your correspondence has come to the wrong place! You've reached Zendesk support, and it sounds like you're probably trying to reach someone who *uses* our software to provide support. We make software that companies use to give their customers a way to contact them, but we don't actually provide support for their product, just the channel for communication.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to forward your email on so please try reaching them directly from their website!
  • Gualter


    Any updates on changing the view of incidents list? I could benefit of having other columns and grouping cases with custom fields as we do for the normal queue views.

    Any issue I can track on this?


  • Shannon Pesta
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Gualter! Welcome to the Community! 

    Sadly, this feature is not available yet. But I will be sure to mark this as Product Feedback so it can be reviewed by our Product teams. Thanks! 
  • Hawk Swearingen

    We just ran into a case in which we want to send periodic updates to the incident tickets straight from the problem ticket, but this isn't available as comments on the problem ticket are only pushed to incident tickets when solving problem tickets. 

    Will there be any functionality in the future which allows for periodic updates on problem tickets to be pushed to incident tickets?

  • Martin Hoolickin

    Hi in future will tasks be able to be linked to problem tickets 

    I am working to integrate the problem function within our environment and utilise the full functions of problem tickets. At present, we are going to use incidents as a workaround but not all problems will need an incident to fix them - they may need a task - Whether it be a change task or KB Known error task. 

    I am looking at linking them all together to get greater functionality out of the software

    Thanks for your article 

    Martin Hoolickin  

  • EU|DUB|Ruben Messeguer|TECH

    Are you able to add custom taggs to Problem tickets to they get added to the incident tickets?

  • EU|DUB|Ruben Messeguer|TECH

    Are you able to update incident tickets in different languages when updating the Problem?


  • Lifen Li

    Hello, we have like 9K incident tickets linked to a problem ticket. Is there anyway to easily reopen the incident tickets with one click? It took us 2 hours to set them back to reopen again when we wanted to update the customers.

    Will it work if I send a reply in the problem ticket with the problem ticket and incident tickets status being "solved"? 

  • gan ganor

    I want to create a report that shows the number of problem tickets that will also show me how many linked incidents each problem has. If there is no incident linked, I want that to show as well. I was not able to do so. You can either create a report that shows you the number of problems, or the number of problems that have linked incidents alone.


    Ideally, I want a table that looks like this


    I have almost everything except for the status and a complete list of the problems (linked and unlinked). Any ideas?

  • Sydney Neubauer

    +1 to gan ganor's post


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