Changing a ticket comment from public to private (standard agent interface)

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  • Melinda

    To confirm, if an accidentally sent "public reply" is successfully converted to an "internal note" by using the "Make this comment an internal note" feature, will the customer or person why submitted the customer service request see the accidental message?

  • DJ Buenavista Jr.
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Melinda,

    Thank you for reaching out to Zendesk Support.

    In regards to your concern, the comment that was changed from public to private won't be visible to the requester as long as the changes were made as soon as possible. If the agent didn't immediately change it into an internal comment, the end-user will have time to read the following email.

    Thank you!


    DJ Buenavista Jr. |
    Customer Advocacy Specialist |

  • Robin John Rivera

    If the change (convert to internal note) was made at a later time, I understand that it will no longer be visible to end-users in tickets or the web portal but will it recall the email that was already sent to the requester just in case it was not read yet?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Robin –
    No, once the email is sent, it cannot be recalled.
  • Lila Kingsley

    Hi, I was directed here from this comment in an article on the ZD/Slack app integration. 

    The integration currently creates tickets with initial comment as public.  Hopefully that changes one day...but in the meantime, wondering if there is a way to change the comment type from public to internal based on on the created_from_slack tag?  Pretty sure it isn't possible in triggers, but just want to confirm.

  • Reneé Lasswell

    My follow-up question to Lila's is to clarify the comment she cross-linked.

    That restriction mentioned is just for if the slack comment is "creating" a new ticket, yes? If the ticket already exists, can the slack comments be added as internal note updates, then?

  • Lila Kingsley

    Reneé Lasswell:  From what I see in their "Using the Slack Integration" article, ALL comments via slack after create appear to be internal.  Here's a link directly to the commenting on existing tickets section of the article above




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