Emergency calling in Talk

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  • Francois Spinnael

    Can't we use a digital line in order to connect to a external phone number?

    Since zendesk isn't capable of handling a lot of countries. It would be usefull for being able to purchase a phone number in a country (outside zendesk) and to connect it to that digital line, so the cost is lowered.



  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi François,
    Digital lines can only receive calls via browser through widget or mobile app. It does not have the same functionality as a normal phone number. However, you can utilize digital lines for Overflow and Agent Forwarding
    Your customers can utilize it on anywhere if you have embedded it on your website or your mobile app.
  • Ronald Jay Buayan (ron)

    i was redirected here from how to "Adding a Talk digital line and call button." but why the article is about "Emergency calling in Talk"???? 

    i don't see here how to add a talk digital line and call button.

  • Rosie Balagbis
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ronald,
    Apologies as you are redirecting to the article "Emergency calling in Talk" when you click the article link.
    If you want to add a Talk digital line, then you should follow the article Adding a new line. Please make sure that you have an approved business verification for the country and number type to be able to purchase a number. Learn more about Verifying your business for Zendesk Talk phone number purchasing in this article. 
    When you're all set, a call button will be available if you set your status Online. But this is not applicable for the Admin role as they cannot make or receive calls. See Managing access to Talk.
  • Ronald Jay Buayan

    Hi Rosie,

    Thank you for the response. However I am not able to complete the business verification as the country we are in is not listed in the country list which is united arab emirates.

    Please advise how i can move forward from here.

  • Carmel Kleinman

    Regarding the comment above from Rosie- The only part which mentions digital lines is a link to  Adding a Talk digital line

    This link leads to this page about emergency calling in Talk and not digital lines.. Where is the information about digital lines?

    Thank you,

  • Rosie Balagbis
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Ron, 

    Let me go ahead and create a separate ticket on your behalf so I can further assist you with purchasing the UAE number. You may expect an email shortly with the ticket information.
    Thank you. 
  • Rosie Balagbis
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Carmel, 
    It seems like the link Adding a Talk digital line was linked to the question of François Spinnael above, hence you are still redirecting with Emergency calling in Talk article. 
    About the digital lines, you may follow the steps here: Adding an external number for outbound calls. Please be informed that digital lines are for outbound calls only. Charges will be the same rate as any other outgoing Talk call.
    Hope this helps! 

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