Scheduling dashboard deliveries with end users

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  • George Ntatianidis

    Hello there. After adding the user tag 'explore' to the specific user, I don't see it in the list of users that I can choose to share. What might be wrong? 

  • Thibaut

    Hi George Ntatianidis

    I created a ticket for you so I can take a look directly at your issue. 
    You will receive a notification about it soon. 

  • Raghu Kavi

    Hi Thibaut

    I also have the same problem. Even though I have added the tag as "Explore" it doesn't allow me to send the reports to share the dashboard.

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Raghu,
    As shown in the graphic at the top of the article, this functionality requires Suite Enterprise or Explore Enterprise. You can check your subscription here: Viewing and managing plan subscriptions
  • vino mahavira

    Hi there,
    My company is using Suite Enterprise plan but we can't share the dashboard to End User. 
    I have been following the instruction but the End User account never show up on sharing tab

  • Mark Wiles

    Hello - does anyone know how to send the dashboard to an end-user as a ticket attachment rather than to their email address?  For security purposes, we'd like them to log in to Zendesk and retrieve the file from a ticket.



  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Mark,
    I'd suggest exporting the dashboard tab you want to share, saving it to your computer as a PDF or other format, then attaching the saved file. For more information, see "To export an entire dashboard tab" here: Getting started with prebuilt dashboards
  • Mark Wiles

    Thank you, @..., but we are looking for a solution that would help us do this at scale with hundreds (if not thousands) of users.  Suggestions welcome.  Thanks.

  • Ahra Jo

    Thanks! This article was really helpful!  The only thing I am not sure is that, do we manually add end users with explore tag every time we want to send a report to specific end users? Is there a way we could type the tag, 'explore' instead, and then the list of end users with that tag would show up in the list for us to  select the only ones we need to send out a report? Thank you!


  • Gabriel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Ahra,

    I hope all is well! Yes, you will need to add the tag manually to each end-user you want to see available for the dashboard scheduling. Adding the tag does add the custom to the list of end-users that can be chosen for the Dashboard scheduling. You will only share the Dashboard with those you select during the Dashboard delivery configuration
    I hope this helps! 
  • Martin


    how can i make sure that only specific endusers from specific organizations have access to a explore dashboard? Thanks

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Martin,

    Once you're done with configuring Explore dashboard sharing permissions and adding the tag explore to specific end-users, you should be able to locate specific end-users from specific organizations that have access to an Explore dashboard as follows:

    1. From Zendesk Support, perform an advanced search and enter the following keywords in the search bar: role:end-user tags:explore.

    2. Below the search bar, click on the Users tab to filter the results which should automatically provide you with a list of end-users who has the tag explore added to their user profiles along with the name of the organizations they belong to.

    3. Lastly, in Explore, go to Admin > then select Dashboard email delivery to review existing scheduled dashboard deliveries and confirm if the end-users from the search results above are added as recipients to any of the schedules.

    I hope this helps! Stay safe! (:


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