Using Google Tag Manager with your help center

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  • Geerten

    @... maybe a little late but I came across this clear video:  Maybe it helps

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Just wanted to share for everyone that I checked and Geerten's link does, in fact, go to a relevant video. It's safe to click. :) 

  • Support Admin

    Are these instructions up to date? At the first steps it says, click Edit Theme. I do not have that function. I have Customize link for the current live theme. If I click that, then my option is to Edit code.  And then I have a document_head.hbs file. Is that the same thing as the Document Head template shown above?


  • Geerten

    Yes, pasting the GTM script in document.head.hbs should do the trick. You also need the header.hbs ofcourse... (like what the article advises).


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