The Zendesk Widget is slowing down my website speed and load time

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  • sholto ramsay

    I could not access the web widget performance FAQ or bet trial. Are they accessible?

  • Elissa Tikalsky
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi @zendesk-bellaandduke

    I'm sorry for the delay in response! You are very right those links are broken, it turns out the beta closed and so things got locked up. I got a new version of the FAQ updated and published and linked to this article. So you should have access to all the information now.


  • Yvonne Panarin

    Elissa Tikalsky we are trying to switch from web widget classic to messaging these days, and it is becoming more and more frustrating. 

    Basically when we first added the web widget classic to our sites, we immediately noticed the negative effect it had on speed performance for website useres. So our Dev Team jumped on it, and found another use-case/ZD customer who worked around this by hiding the Zendesk Widget Icon, and instead displaying our own simple "Help" Icon. That was done in code and worked okay, until we tried to make the switch to messaging. 

    We have tried several times now to do the switch, at first again faced those negative effects of it significantly slowing down website performance. Dev Team tried the workoaround with the button in code, that had worked with the web widget classic. Afterwards it looked super wonky on our site, flickering in and out showing "our icon" for a millisecond, then again the native Zendesk Messaging icon that in code we said to hide. 

    Any idea on what could be causing this issue? Is there a known bug/other customers reporting the speed issue when switching to messaging? 

    Look forward to your thoughts on this. 

  • Jon Wu

    Elissa Tikalsky we too are looking to switch to Messaging and observed similar performance issues with Web Widget (Classic) in the past, along with making similar lazy loading optimizations to Yvonne Panarin to mitigate the issues.

    I noticed that all of the articles about performance and connectOnPageLoad talk about Web Widget (Classic). Are there any similar capabilities with Messaging?

  • Mike dela Rosa
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Jon! No update about the connectonpageload yet but you can check for Zendesk updates here: Zendesk updates

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