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  • CJ Johnson

    I can confirm the described behavior is not the experienced behavior. If you have a report saved on a Dashboard, and you change a formula that is an attribute on that report, the report will not reflect the changes to the attribute on the Dashboard, unless you edit and re-Publish the entire Dashboard. 

  • vincent solitario

    Hello, Zendesk team

    We do have to 2 ticket brands in zendesk and I wanted to merge the total tickets created between the two. 

    I tried filtering two attributes but the result is not what i'm looking for.  
    In brand 1, we are using received thru attributes
    In branch 2, they are using Channel attributes
    As I add this attributes in filter or in Columns, Rows and even creating metric tickets to those 2 attributes, only the tickets created in Channel will show. 
    I tried creating formula but the formula  is not working.

    Is their a way to merge this or can you give the formula in this. 

    And may i know how to count the ticket Updated by other agent. 
    Agent 1 created the ticket and agent 2 commented on the same ticket. 
    How ca we count or what kind of ticket fields we should use on the ticket commented by agent2?  

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Vincent,

    As far as I know, you don't need to create any custom metrics for this. You will just have to add "Ticket Brand" under filters and select the brand you have and it will automatically show you the tickets for those brands. 
  • Jacob the Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi Amos C

    That would be


    You can find the reference to all Explore functions here.

  • Roshni Daftary

    I am trying to split the Requester Name into First and Last Name with just the 1st space as the differentiation. Anything before the 1st space to be counted as 1st name and rest all as last name. I have tried leftpart / rightpart. It doesnt seem to be working. Any other inputs.

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Roshni, 

    This seem to be possible by combining multiple Explore Functions.
    I was able to achieve separating first and last name using this formula:

    For the first name: 

    IF (CONTAINS([Requester name]," ")) THEN LEFTPART([Requester name],FIND([Requester name]," ",0)) ELSE [Requester name] ENDIF

    For the last name: 

    IF (CONTAINS([Requester name]," ")) THEN SUBSTR([Requester name],FIND([Requester name]," ",0)+1,LENGTH([Requester name])) ELSE [Requester name] ENDIF


  • Roshni Daftary

    Thanks Zsa Trias.. this worked.


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