Creating user segments for Guide user permissions

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  • Steven Hampson

    Hi there, 

    It says in the article that you can "apply user segments to a help center", but I can't see how to do this. 

    How can I apply the user segment to the entire help center rather than by individual articles? 

    I would like to restrict the whole help center to internal signed in staff, by default, and then grant certain additional access to customers with user segments but without retroactively updating all the existing articles. 



  • Olivier Degardin

    Hi Steven Hampson. Please find a screenshot attached - the hidden characters in the URL have to be replaced by your own information = Company name or used name for the declaration of the domain, id.... It may help you. Regs,

  • Steven Hampson

    Thanks Olivier Degardin! This shows me how to create the user segments, but what I can't see if how to apply the user segments to the entire Help Center all at once. 

  • Olivier Degardin

    Hi. I guess guys from Zendesk team may be in position to help you before Christmas! From my understanding following your questions, here are some steps to follow:
    1/ from Admin Center



    2/ from an article (Help Center) to modify/edit


    3/ 'Visible to' - choose 'Signed-in users' or another segment?


  • Paul


    I am trying to create a user segment that includes all of our staff except for those in the Light Agent role. Is this possible?

    I could do it by.creating a segment that includes all groups except our light agent group but we are provisioning users via SCIM so every time we add a new agent user group we would need to remember to add that group to the user segment which is not ideal.


  • Ronald

    Is there still a limit of 50 organizations in a segment?

    I was planning to map our organization concept in our SaaS product to Zendesk organizations and then I'd only have to worry about managing/syncing organization membership across both systems.

    With a limit of only 50 organizations I think I'm better off using Organizations only as a condition for triggers, automations, views, etc. in Zendesk Support. And rely solely on user tags (rather than Org membership or Org tags) as the basis for user segment membership and permissions in Zendesk Guide.

    This seems to complicate our new user onboarding in our SaaS product. Now instead of leveraging an existing concept (Company/Organization) as the basis for content permissions we have to have new user creation also add a user tag to the linked Zendesk end user profile.

    Am I missing something here or is that going to be my best approach given this limit of 50?

    Edit -- Ok wait, I think I've created a problem for myself that doesn't exist. We'll be creating Zendesk Organizations and setting the appropriate tags to the orgs upon creation. And then I'm going to be building my user segments based on the and/or presence of the Org tags. So the limit of 50 orgs will not in any way restrict this setup.

  • Raghu Kavi

    Ronald - can you please feedback if the above workaround of using Tags has worked to overcome this hard limit restriction of 50 orgs per each user segment?


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