Working with mandatory fields

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  • Shameen Rana


    I am not able to make the checkbox field required, Is there any way to make it required or default set it to true.

  • Phoebe Morin
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Shameen, 

    This wasn’t implemented by design because it’s hard to tell when a checkbox is unchecked, whether it means “null” or “no”. This is ideal - database wise. The recommendation if something should be a required field is to create it as a dropdown with only the option Yes. Therefore, someone has to positively say 'yes' for it to create/update stage.
    I certainly hope this helps! 
  • Carol Fung

    Hi Phoebe,

    I have tried using drop down menu as suggested to replace the checkbox. We set it as a mandatory field with "yes" as an only option. But in the ticket it shows "-" by default where customer can still submit it without selecting Yes. 

    Any idea how to fix this issue?

  • Charlotte
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Carol, 

    It looks like this will need a bit more investigation so I have opened a ticket for you where we can have a closer look. 


  • System Vekamaf

    Hi, the article mentions

    Industry in order to close a deal enhances analysis of conversion rates or sales cycles. 

    However, there's no default field industry in deals.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Once you are on the deals tab, you can try to go to +Field and search for it.

  • Gail

    Charlotte and Carol - did you ever get a solution to this issue? We need the ability to require someone to answer yes to a dropdown (or be required to check a checkbox), but because the default is '-', they can submit without choosing 'yes' even though it's the only answer.


  • textand fontz

    Thank you so much for the detailed post. I was looking for some solutions on these fields. Here i got the solution. 

  • Guilherme Santi Clair Da Silva

    Olá Gailm tudo bem?

    Conseguiu algum retorno sobre o campo obrigatório preenchido com "-" ?


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