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  • Caitlan


    I can't seem to get access to the Metrics panel you mentioned in step 2. I was wondering if this is anything to do with the type of plan I have, or if I'm just missing a step on our current user interface?


  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Caitlan,
    To create queries/reports, you will need to have at least Zendesk Suite Professional plan to have the Explore Professional. This includes the pre-built dashboards and tools to help you design, customize, and share your own reports.
    For more information, please see this article Getting started with Zendesk Explore for reporting and analytics
    I hope this answers your question. Thank you!
  • Ewa Kondratowicz

    Tejas  When I've tired a time tracking app the results were nonsensical, because agents tend to have more than one ticket open at the time.  How did you resolve that?


  • Tejas

    Ewa Kondratowicz

    time tracking only captures time for the active ticket in a browser tab. We also have agents who open multiple tickets at a time ( in same browser tab), but as soon as agent moves from one ticket to another the time gets paused for 1st ticket and starts for another one.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Tejas Patil

  • Amin

    Hi, which option should I use if I want to see hourly report for my tags? I want a report to show how many times a specific tag is used in each hour of the day?

  • Sabra
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hey Amin! We don't track the timestamp of when a certain tag was added to a ticket. However, using the following metrics from the Updates History dataset, you may be able to create a custom attribute that you can then use on a report to see when the Tags field had a new value added.

    [Changes - Field name], [Changes - Previous value], [Changes - New value]
  • Michael Laws

    I'm trying to create a solution where a 4-digit number can be added as a Tag in a ticket to represent an Organization ID in our platform. Then, I'd like to create a report which counts how many of those types of tags were used in each ticket, to represent how many orgs are reporting the issue in said ticket. Is it possible to create a metric/attribute which only counts a ticket tag if it is a 4-digit number?

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Michael,

    This seems to be achievable using a combination of our Explore functions here:

    • REGEXP_EXTRACT(_text,_regexp)
    • LENGTH(_text)

    For example:

    IF LENGTH([Ticket tags]) = 4 AND LENGTH(REGEXP_EXTRACT([Ticket tags], "\d{4}")) = 4 THEN
    REGEXP_EXTRACT([Ticket tags], "\d{4}")
    ELSE "false"
  • Andrew Chu

    Do we have a reporting functionality that can show when a tag is added into the ticket? Like the timestamp and updater/submitter details.

  • Noly Maron Unson
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Andrew,

    Currently, this is not natively possible. Other users are discussing it here and you can add your use case there, Threads with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning.

    Hope this helps. 

  • Jed Hollander

    Good afternoon.

    Is it possible to report out on a specific field and only the tag that corresponds to the drop down selection in the field?


    For example I have a dropdown with 10 choices, each of those 10 choices has it's own unique tag. I want to report out on only choice 1 and show only the tag that corresponds with choice 1 in the dropdown.


    Thanks in advance.

  • Francis Casino
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Jed,
    Yes, it is possible. You may use the custom field attribute and filter it using the specific value or if you will use the tag instead, by creating a calculated attribute. 
    IF (INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "united_states")) THEN True ELSE False ENDIF
    Hope that helps!

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