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  • Andy Cassiers

    I'm trying to show NULL values as zero for reporting so I can report there are 0 tickets logged for a severity 1 issue.
    IsNull does not exist in explore as far as I can find, nor is there an alternative that I know of.

    How can I show this info?
    Right now I have 4 priorities: Low, Normal, High, Urgent, and i'm trying to report on number of tickets. This would generate a table with 

                           #Low            #Normal            #High             #Urgent
    Customer           20                  4                     1                       0

    but if there are no tickets logged with a count(tickets)/customername, it doesn't show that column.

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    If you create a custom metric for each priority, you should be able to resolve that:

    For example:

    ...Then use this metric with a D_COUNT aggregate.


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