Creating agent skills to use for routing

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  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    Hi Barry Neary, it would be interesting to have to options to flag skills as "must have" and "optional" so that we could determine those which must matched in order to assign, while having others that would be counted as optional when assigning to a set of multiple agents, trying to assign first to agents with the optional skill, and only if none available to those without.

    Examples for these would be the hypothetical skill categories Language and Product Specialization.

    The first would be a must have, as an agent would need to speak that language, while the second could be used to flag SMEs on a given topic.

  • Jeana

    hi team,

    If i want a ticket to be determined by language of the EU, do we need to put into the field language the role rule? For some reason all our tickets are determined to be English, even though they are in Latvian for example

  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Jeana

    This article describes how Zendesk detects language - perhaps your users (and hence their tickets) are all being set as English due to the users being created by the admin?


  • Harper Dane

    If a ticket is updated so that it no longer meets a skill's conditions, the ticket will still require that skill until you manually remove it from the ticket.


    What's the word on resolving this limitation?

    We have been wanting to adopt Skills-based routing for ages, but cannot do so until either 1) this limitation is fixed so that Skills are re-applied upon ticket update, or 2) until we can write Triggers and/or Automations to reset the Skills applied to a ticket when certain conditions change.

  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Harper Dane

    We are developing the ability to change skills on each ticket update and are planning a release in July




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