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  • Gaurav Sharma

    Hi ,

    i  have created a query for tickets solved with one reply from agent using the above example.

    but when i drill in and try to check the tickets they have more than one replies .

    could you please help.

    i have chose count(one touch tickets) in metrics and ticket solved date in filters.

    please help.

  • Ksenia Shanyuk


    I am also seeking help with the above but I would like to integrate this metric to the classification report. 

    In particular, I have created a query to show tickets created per classification and I also want to add how many of those tickets have been solved at first contact by the agent. I have followed the above step by step guide but the query does not seem to be showing the correct data.. 

    Many thanks in advance



  • Diosa
    Hello, Ksenia.
    I'll open a ticket for you so that we can look into this further for your created report.
  • improveit! 360

    Is there a way that I can create a report similar to this but I want to show each ticket and which article is linked to it so I can see which tickets we don't have good articles for?

  • Diosa
    Hello, Richard. 

    You can follow the steps up to step 12, but for the last step, instead of using a line graph, use a table to list down the ticket IDs. Then, under Rows, add the ticket ID attribute. 

    However, there is currently no option to display which articles are linked in the tickets.
  • Abed Islam

    How can I recreate one-touch tickets in the Ticket updates dataset?

  • Mau
    Hi Abed,

    I'm afraid One-touch metric is only available in  Tickets dataset. You will be able to confirm this when you visit this article: Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Support under the topic Tickets dataset.

    Hope this helps!

  • Judy Correia

    Similar to the original 2 comments on this thread, tickets listed as one-touch tickets have more than 1 internal comment. The one-touch metric doesn't take into account internal comments. It seems to count one-touch tickets as any ticket without any external comments or only 1 external comment. Is it possible to track true one-touch tickets (i.e. those with only one comment, external or internal)?


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