Live data widgets for Explore dashboards

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  • Serena Galvez

    How do I multi select groups or brands on the live data filter?

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Serena Galvez, it's not currently possible to select multiple groups or brands on a live data filter. It's and excellent request though and I'd encourage you to add it to our Explore feedback forum at Thanks!

  • Jordan Brown

    When will average wait time in the queue for messaging be available as a reporting metric that isn't live? This is a standard metric and should be available already.

  • Rylan R


    The live metrics was a great thought, and we've been waiting for it for so long, but the metrics seem limited. I only get a count of tickets, but that does not give me any insight.

    For example, I would know the count of all the new tickets in the queue, but that does not really help me. I would want to break this down further to know from which Ticket Form these new tickets come in.

    I can do this on an Explore report, but that's not real-time, and it has a 1.5 to 2 hours delay. So it's difficult for us to get real-time insights and take real-time decisions.

    Can we look at a feature request to expand the capabilities of live data to give more real-time tracking?



  • Sugeng Widhiyanto

    Hi, i also have the some opinion like Rylan said, zendesk please more faster to update this limitation, to real time data,. 


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