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  • Reda

    Wouldn't adding a filter to exclude the Tag 'closed_by_merge' be as accurate in getting this job done?

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ahmad,

    Unfortunately, you can only exclude tickets closed by merge by following the recipe above.


  • Thanks all. So what do we do with the metric when it's completed? Do we have to add it to all the queries that have been created?

    In our case we want to use the awesome default dashboards and queries but all those reports should exclude tickets with the closed_by_merge tag. So in this scenario do we:

    1. Clone the Dashboard (and queries)
    2. Go to each cloned query and add the metric above - save

    Then all queries should show the correct 'filtered' data?

    Seems like a lot of work. Surely filters, like a dashboard filter, should be able to do this? Otherwise why would I ever use a filter and, filtering results becomes a huge undertaking each time. Just can't wrap my head around filtering...and don't get me started on Drill-in :P



  • Jamie Martin

    I also created this custom metric in my reports but how to I utilize this so that it automatically removes these tickets from my retention rate for instance? I don't want the closed by merged tickets to be taken into consideration in retention since a dropped chat for instance will continue their retention when the customer returns to the chat. 

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Chad,

    You can create a custom attribute as described here: Using INCLUDE in a standard calculated attribute. You formula should look something like this:

    IF INCLUDES_ANY([Ticket tags], "closed_by_merge") THEN "Merged" ELSE "Not merged" ENDIF

    You should then be able to add this custom attribute as a data filter in your dashboard, and filter all query widgets to exclude merged tickets.

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Jamie,

    When you use the custom metric described in this guide in your query, then the results displayed in your report will already have the merged tickets excluded. If you have multiple metrics in your report, then it may be better to use a custom attribute filter, similar to the sample above.

  • Joshua Revier

    I followed the steps above, but my results still show tickets that are closed by merge.

    Solution: I went to Result Manipulation > Metric Filter > Checkbox for "Hide Blank Value"

  • Gail

    Carl McDowell - I am confused by steps 7 & 8. Do you mean to change the name I just created (Exclude closed by merge tickets) to D_Count? Or, are you saying that I should replace D_Count with what I just did? When I created a query with the calculation I just created (instead of D_Count), my results included closed by merge tickets. And, the solution that Joshua offered was not available to me. Could you please further explain the final steps?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Gail!
    When you select your calculated metric to the query in Step 7, it will be listed as SUM(Exclude closed by merge). For step 8, click on the metric, so that you get the popup listing different aggregation options. Scroll down if necessary and select D_COUNT instead of SUM.
    Hope that helps!
  • Gail

    Yes, that helped! And, I realized that I actually needed to follow Gab's instructions to create an attribute instead of metric. So, for others on here - if you're trying to create a query that hides tickets with the 'closed_by_merge' tag, you'll want to create an attribute vs. a metric using Gab Guinto's code. In my case, my primary filter was D_Count for all of my tickets, and then one of my rows was the closed by merge attribute. I then filtered that row to only return "not merged." Hope that helps others who got a little lost like me!

  • Dave Dyson
    Glad that helped Gail, and thanks for adding your tip!
  • Nate Campoli

    this worked for me however it shows of all time, is there a way to show just the last 30 days the amount of tickets solved and "exclude tickets closed_by_merge_"?


  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Nate Campoli, you can use a date filter to show only tickets solved in the last 30 days (while still excluding tickets closed by merge). After you follow the recipe above, do the following additional steps:

    1. In the Filters panel, click Add and select the Ticket solved - Date attribute.
    2. Click the attribute you just added, click Edit date ranges, and select the Advanced tab.
    3. Set From the beginning of to 30 days in the past.
    4. Set To the end of to Today (or Yesterday, if you prefer).
    5. Click Apply.

  • Keri Brownell

    Hi there - do you have an explore recipe for how to do this for SLA achieved tickets? 

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Keri,
    SLA date is in a separate dataset -- here's a recipe to get you started: Explore recipe: Reviewing SLA performance
  • Araceli Gaona


    I´ve been trying to exclude closed by merge tickets from my views in a different combination of ways now, and I don´t seem to be able to find a way that completely works.

    I tried this Calculated Metric and I still see tickets that were closed by a merge in the view. I made a couple validations for this weekend, and the list of shown below, even though they do have the tag: closed_by_merge, are in my view.


    I already tried the Result Manipulation instructions provided by Joshua and it just don´t want to work in any way.

    Can you please tell me what am I missing? 

  • AMU Cx Lead

    I'm having a terrible time implementing the above, can someone walk me through this like I'm a 5 year old?? I have to show a report for Full Resolution Time (Business Hours), from the previous month.  That said, the merged tickets are skewing my results because users are re-opening old tickets prior to merge and the end result is some tickets with 1000+ hours until full resolution.

    How do exclude merged tickets from a specific report in my dashboard?

    Bonus points if you can provide me with copy/paste language for any custom attribute I need to create.  Thank you!

  • Alyssa Douglas

    Hi, What if I wanted to do the opposite and have a report that shows me all merged tickets. What is the best way to do that?

  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Alyssa Douglas welcome to our Community! 

    You can follow the instructions above but instead of using the function "NOT INCLUDES_ANY", you can use "INCLUDES" or "INCLUDES_ALL" :) 

    Hope this helps!


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