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  • Bob.Garber

    Are there any examples of what this looks like? We are looking for a solution to publish our DITA manuals into an HTML format and this looks like it may work.

    Wondering what the output is for a full manual with lots of cross references.



  • Charles Nadeau
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Valery, unfortunately we don't have a script for the use case I'm describing. Our team publishes articles manually.

    To track which article in Help Center that a DITA file corresponds to, we use the `props` attribute in the top-level `topic` element of a DITA file to store the article id of the Help Center article. The writers manually add the id to the element when they publish a new article. Example:

    <topic id="topic_h2z_wkk_w5" props="360022365413">

     Hope this helps.

  • Valery Topilin


    I took a different approach, probably more complex:

    • I read dita hierarchy and compare it with the hierarchy in ZD eq. chapter-section-section-article
    • If I find an element in dita that doesn't exist in ZD then I create it and store the article ID & static link in the index object
    • when I get all the article links in the index - I do the second run and update all the cross references in the html code and reupload the hml code back to ZD

    With media files stored in zendesk it takes quite a while, but if you use aws like @... proposes - it's much quicker and takes just couple of minutes for 300+ articles


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