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  • Joseph Reppen

    What's the point in previewing the different roles as there isn't any difference in the pages nor is there an option to change the view by roles?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Joseph,
    This feature can normally be utilized to check how it will appear on certain users. For example, how your end users will see it vs your agents.
  • mfg

    Is there a specific url that allows you to jump between the preview and existing view? right now enabling preview takes quite a few steps. it would be helpful if you could tick a box in the live Guide agent header that goes between live and preview.
    for instance, if I make css changes, pull up the preview I will generally want to flip quickly between the current version and the changes. you either need to open windows side by side, or you load the preview, close the preview, drill down through the settings to customize>edit code to re-enable.
    having quick access in the header, perhaps next to the close preview button, would make comparing changes much faster and less likely to incur stray clicks in the customize menu.


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