Announcing legacy reporting upgrade to Explore

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  • Sagi Mitrany Welzman

    Hey @...

    I'd appreciate a clarification on :
    "All other accounts already have access to Explore and will simply have the pre-built dashboards made available on the reporting page"

    As we're on Enterprise and have the access to Explore, 
    What are the agents to expect when selecting the reporting tab ?  
    Will they see only Explore tab with the list of the specific Dashboards they have access to or the default reporting as well  ? 


  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    @..., this is a good question. 

    Your agents will have access to the prebuilt dashboards that are currently available to them but now these dashboards will be also displayed on the Support reporting page. Custom dashboards will not be shown on this reporting page and agents will still need to access Explore for viewing them.


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