Inline images in Guide articles display as broken across all browsers

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  • Rhocela

    Are there any developments/new fixes for this issue? I agree, this is not a sustainable solution at all. Plus the behavior of this issue is inconsistent so it's difficult to avoid. A few of our users have already reported articles with missing images and we don't know how to exactly avoid it. 

  • Damir Kučič


    workaround is that you first create article, then obtain article id, which you use when uploading attachments so that attachments are tied to the article. In response json you get an absolute attachment path so you can use regex to substitute relative paths in your article for absolute paths obtained as a response of attachment upload and then use article update API to upload / publish your article with proper attachment paths.


  • Savannah Lee

    Thanks for all your comments! Very helpful and looking into my issue now to see if this works. :) 

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    This is a huge issue if using any kind of API to automatically publish articles into Zendesk. I am using MadCap's Zendesk Connector, and so many images are broken. Because it is published through the API, I cannot manually adjust in Zendesk.

    Is there an estimate for providing a fix, rather than just a workaround?

  • John Green

    I think it's a bit of a cop-out to just say "If the article is restricted to a specific group of users, update the restriction settings."! We NEED our articles to be restricted by user group, in order to protect intellectual protocol. It's OK once the users are logged into Zendesk - they can see the images they're supposed to. The problem is that we are also displaying the articles on our app via a Pendo widget. In that widget, users can see the articles they're supposed to, but all the image links in the articles look broken as the images are hidden behind SSO in Zendesk, and there appears to be no solution.

  • Joyce Yang

    Any update on this issue?? I have been adding screenshots as I go when creating articles - they were fine at the time of publish, however, it seems like the images copy-pasted always become broken after a while but not the ones that were uploaded. 


  • Margo

    The same issue here. We've started uploading images in GC and then adding absolute image links, but this creates additional work. 

  • Rhocela

    I've been in a long back and forth emailing their support. They insist that it's a problem with my images being in draft mode, or inline, or restricted. But it's not the case. What I find is that the issue is inconsistent. I thought I figured out a workaround but after a week, some images had the problem again. It's hard to figure out even a workaround when the problem is inconsistent. :(

  • Bruce Michelsen

    Does this problem occur when attachment limits are exceeded?


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