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  • Wycherley

    Thanks for the sharing Rob.

    After I implemented the recipe, the filter " Agent replies brackets equals 0" selected out many tickets which is from the live chat, which is not the purpose. Since all the comunication and replies are in one conversation.

    Is there a way to filter out the real tickets which did't get the agents replies?

  • Thibaut Jahan

    Hi @...
    It would be possible to add the filter Ticket channel in your query in order to exclude all chat tickets:

    This way you should get only tickets that are not produced by your chat. 

    Have a great day :)

  • Sakina Crocker

    I don't have an option called Brackets in my metrics. Is this called something else now?

  • Mike dela Rosa

    Hi Sakina,

    I noticed you have submitted a ticket, I'll reply to you there.

    Mike dela Rosa | Customer Advocate

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