How do I set up agent forwarding for emails?

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  • Aaron C.

    Will this work if a light agent forwards in an email?

  • Bonnie
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Aaron! This won't quite work if a light agent forwards in an email as a light agent does not have permission to make public comments. So the customer's comment will come in as private if a light agent forwards it in.

  • Jimmy Rufo

    Hi, I have a question in to customer support who I've been working with, but also thought I'd reach out to the community for other thoughts.

    How can I effectively keep the original requester (Agent in this case) on as a CC, once the ticket requester changes to the end user?  What is a good trigger to get this done?

    My use case is our agent wants support to work directly with the end user (client in this case) when they forward an email over to support, so Agent forwarding works in that regard.  However, they still want to be made aware of ticket activity from there on out, so I need something to auto add them as CC as part of the workflow.

  • Jimmy Rufo

    FYI Customer support could not give any option to automatically CC the agent, without the agent having to remember to do something ahead of time.  The whole point is this type of change should be transparent.  If anyone has any thoughts, it'd be most appreciated.


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