Managing security settings in Admin Center

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  • Chris Grant

    I too would like to suggest, as did Emily Graham 8 months ago it seems, that there be a couple more choices between 8 hours and 2 weeks. 1, day, 2 days, and perhaps 4 days for those with bank holidays type thing. 2 weeks seems too long and 8 hours too short as most clock off at 5pm and back on at 8 or 9 am, so the only option that works is 2 weeks.

    Oddly, this auto session logout only seems to kick in when an agent uses another computer to login and that new computer is then affected. The old computer/browser doesn't seem to be affected. I noticed this due to Covid19 where we were banished from the office. RDP to office desktop still confirms that those sessions remain active overnight while a residential login is booted out nightly due to the 8 hour setting.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Chris and those others of you who've requested additional session expiration timeframe choices: If you wouldn't mind, please add your requests and the reasons behind them to this thread in our Feedback on Support post, and upvote this post: session expiration longer than 8 hours but less than 2 weeks

    The more information we have about the impact to your workflow, the better. Thanks!


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