How are promoted articles sorted on the home page of the Help Center?

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  • Sharon Burton

    I want to rename Promoted articles to Recently updated. How? I can't find the string in anything.

  • Christopher Stock
    Community Moderator

    Hi Sharon Burton, in your home_page.hbs template you probably have something like:

     <h2>{{t 'promoted_articles'}}</h2>

    You can replace the code in between the curly braces with 'Recently updated'.

    If you do that, and your Help Center is available in multiple languages, you'll lose the automatic translation. To preserve that functionality you'll need to create a dynamic content item that you insert instead:

    <h2><{{dc "name_of_your_dynamic_content_object"}}</h2>

    You can find instructions for setting this up in this article: 
    Providing multiple language support with dynamic content 

  • Nick Wurm

    This "Absolute Positional Order" method to organizing the promoted articles on the home page of the Help Center is awful.


    Why not just have a way to rank/score each promoted article?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Nick,
    The best place for your feedback is in the Feedback - Help Center (Guide) topic in our community forums. For visibility, would you mind creating a post there, using this template so our product team can better understand your use case? Thanks!
  • Christina Hernandez

    On my home page the promoted articles show at the top of their sections. However, when I go to Help Center > Articles > Arrange articles > expand Sections, the promoted articles are not in the same order. Why is that? Promoting articles doesn't automatically change their arrangement in Arrange Articles? 

    Home page


    Arrange articles page

  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Christina Hernandez,

    Yes, the two are different. When you promote an article, it moves to the top of the articles list within its section and has a star beside it, but it doesn't necessarily re-arrange the articles from the section. It would have its own space which is front and center when in the Help Center section. But if you open the section and view all the articles, it would appear as how you arranged it, just with a star. You can set up the section to be arranged automatically or re-arrange them manually. More information can be found here: Organizing knowledge base content in categories and sections


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