Can I add custom fields to my customer's view?

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  • Randy Little

    It would be nice to have the ability to control the view your customer(s) see.  The ability to create and modify views is already standard functionality.  I understand you don't want your customer (end-user) creating their own views.  The requirement to support at least one end-user view seems like a very reasonable request for improvement to this system.

    For example, Priority.  The end-user should be able to sort and identify open tickets by priority, without having to open each ticket.

  • Martin Cubitt

    This would be great, including custom fields. The option to export the list would be helpful too and was a surprising omission.

  • Bobby K

    Pretty wild that Zendesk uses custom fields in their own portal, but doesn't support it outright. Weird. 

  • John DiGregorio

    You can add a field to the existing view - However, you need to modify the code - there is an article on Zendesk that explains how

  • Kieran

    John DiGregorio can you provide a link to this article, I can't see any way of adding a custom field to the portal request list (requests_page.hbs), only the fields listed in this article

  • Kieran

    Looks like this is on the roadmap in this post


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