Analyzing knowledge base activity without Explore

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  • CJ Johnson

    "Important: If you're using Zendesk Explore, the knowledge base reports are included in the Explore pre-built dashboards (see Analyzing your knowledge base activity with Explore)." 

    This is not actually the case. There is still a ton of missing reporting functionality that this method has, that is not available in Explore. For example, are we ever going to get search strings in Explore? 

  • Rob Stack
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi CJ Johnson, I agree that the note at the beginning of the article wasn't very clear. I've amended it to read:

    "When you start using Explore, the Overview (including the Benchmark report), Leaderboard, and Satisfaction tabs are removed from the reporting dashboard in Support. With the exception of the Benchmark report which is not currently available in Explore, you can use Explore pre-built dashboards for those reports. The Knowledge Base and Search tabs (for Guide), and the Community tab (for Gather) are not powered by Insights and won't be removed. For information about page view reporting in Explore, see Analyzing your knowledge base activity with Explore."

    I hope that makes it clearer but please let me know if not. Thanks! 


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