Troubleshooting: Answer Bot isn't suggesting articles

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  • Fabien Renard


    We use the answer bot in an Intranet where all users are authenticated.
    We want to restrict access to all articles, is there a way to authenticate the users without them knowing it ? 

    Best regards


  • Ariane Frances dela Cruz

    Hello Fabien, 

    If all your users are already authenticated in the Help Center, there’s no need to log in again to see the articles. Once they log into the Help Center, they will see all restricted articles in the Web Widget.

    However if you add the Web Widget to an external website (outside of Zendesk Guide) and have restricted articles, you would need to generate a shared secret and add it to a JWT token. Once it’s done, you will need to add additional snippets to the website’s code. This snippet will automatically authenticate the users on your external website and show restricted content. Here’s the Guide article you can follow Using restricted Help Center content with the Web Widget.


  • Amelia

    Hi there! When I go to create my triggers and I click "test and configure" the three article suggestions pop up with no problem. However, there is no option to select add articles there is only an option "done". When I click that and return to my trigger set up under "list of article labels to be included" it says there are no labels currently set. How do it fix this?

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Amelia,

    If I'm understanding this right, it sounds like you may not have set any labels on your articles? If so, here's how to do that: Using labels on your help center articles

  • Amelia

    That should do it Dave! Thank you SO much. 


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