Navigating the dashboard with keyboard shortcuts

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  • Gigi

    Sometimes when trying to cycle through tabs using the keyboard shortcuts they seem to stop working. As in, I will be able to use WIN+CTRL+, once and then it no longer works. 

    What is the cause of this? I have tried seeing if it is because of the type of tab that is open, or if clicking elsewhere on the screen will get it to work again, but I can't seem to identify a common thread.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Gigi,
    When it comes to this behavior, you'll need to check if the same shortcut combination is working for other applications on your computer. If it does, you can try to clear cache on your browser. If the same issue persisted, you can try using another browser. This should normally give you a common identifier to isolate the issue.
  • SallyZamora

    If this behaviour persists, you should see if the same shortcut combination works for other programmes on your computer. If it does, you might try clearing your browser's cache. If the problem continued, you might want to try a different browser. This ought to typically provide you with a common identification to pinpoint the problem.


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