Announcing: Microsoft's end of support for Basic Authentication access and how this impacts Microsoft’s accounts integrations in Sell

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  • Austin Ayers

    As it appears that the integration between Gsuite and Sell is handled over APIs is there such an integration in the plans for Exchange online (365)?

    Speaking candidly does Sell have any plans to update the email channel integration (away from legacy protocols, and perhaps with a more limited scope)?  This is debatably the most valuable component of the sell platform.  For an org like mine my largest concern is scoping the email that the sell platform has access to.  The nature of our business means that our sell resources may receive regulated data.  understandably we cant have unrestricted access to our employee and potentially client data in a third party platform; and this is what is preventing us from fully utilizing this feature.  

  • Nate Brown

    Hi there,

    I reached out to our team of developers about your questions and they let me know the following: We have recently updated the way Exchange online connects from legacy authentication to Oauth authentication over IMAP. While deprecating basic auth, Microsoft has announced that it will be supporting Oauth over IMAP (article here: We do have switching to Microsoft API on our longer term roadmap, but nothing on the immediate one.


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