Can I import products into Sell?

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  • Marco Lorenz

    is there a step by step guide how tom use Products API? i struggle to even find the access to API

  • Juraj Jarmek

    Hello @...,

    The best starting point that I could advise is:

    Sell: Making the first call

    After starting out with this only then I would go to something more complex like the Products API.

    Also, if you are not familiar with making cURL requests, I would suggest that you try to install Postman and make so the requests.

    Zendesk APIs with Postman

    We would not have any other guides at the moment for Sell or Postman.

    Hope that helps!

  • Roland Hill

    Hello - coming in late to this conversation but...

    I recently imported products into Sell using a Zapier-to-Zendesk Sell integration.

    This loaded approximately 270 line items, all of which had multiple currencies.

    I found it easier to use this (we already had a Zapier license) than using the API in this instance.

    Hope this helps.




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