Can I add custom ticket statuses?

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  • test anmoder


    Using ticket fields to report on this results in a workflow more complex than needed, having to juggle between two different methods of using ticket status just does not work well in practice.

  • Roman M

    Any update on this? When will the custom statuses be implemented?

  • Paul Webber

    Any updates on adding custom statuses?

  • Alan Ford

    This is becoming more and more important for us. Principally we need to differentiate between different kinds of pending: in particular, "waiting on customer" and "waiting on engineering" and "waiting on release". But that may not be enough, so custom would be preferable.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    This feature remains planned, and the product manager has let us know that they expect to offer a beta later this summer. We can't share a specific timeline or ETA for delivery, but it is currently being worked on. 

    Here is the official feedback thread for this feature, which is where the PM will provide updates and announce the beta when it's available: Customize Status Field Values

  • Michele Shauck

    Agreed, particularly our clients are wanting a status of ready to deploy instead of open or on hold. This allows the clients to not have to shift through their open tickets to find out the next steps they need to take or locate the tickets that are scheduled for a PRD push.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Thanks Michele, would you mind adding this use-case information to the Customize Status Field Values, and upvoting that post?

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