Can I add custom ticket statuses?

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  • test anmoder


    Using ticket fields to report on this results in a workflow more complex than needed, having to juggle between two different methods of using ticket status just does not work well in practice.

  • Roman M

    Any update on this? When will the custom statuses be implemented?

  • Paul Webber

    Any updates on adding custom statuses?

  • Alan Ford

    This is becoming more and more important for us. Principally we need to differentiate between different kinds of pending: in particular, "waiting on customer" and "waiting on engineering" and "waiting on release". But that may not be enough, so custom would be preferable.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi all - 

    This feature remains planned, and the product manager has let us know that they expect to offer a beta later this summer. We can't share a specific timeline or ETA for delivery, but it is currently being worked on. 

    Here is the official feedback thread for this feature, which is where the PM will provide updates and announce the beta when it's available: Customize Status Field Values

  • Michele Shauck

    Agreed, particularly our clients are wanting a status of ready to deploy instead of open or on hold. This allows the clients to not have to shift through their open tickets to find out the next steps they need to take or locate the tickets that are scheduled for a PRD push.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Thanks Michele, would you mind adding this use-case information to the Customize Status Field Values, and upvoting that post?
  • Maria Pineiro

    Hi Dave Dyson! The link that you referenced where we could vote for the Customize Status Field Values, does not exist anymore. 
    This is very basic functionality and having tickets "On hold" or "Pending" nothing affects our relationship with clients. I understand they cannot be modified but at least there should be a functionality to hide them and use custom ones. 

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Maria,

    We had some posts inadvertently removed (including the one I linked to above), and we're working on restoring them. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Kia Sanders

    Is there any update on this? To add to the use cases, I lead an IT team. We get onboardings weeks or months in advance, and I'd like a custom status to separate those from Pending and On Hold. They don't need their own queue, they just need to be put on the back burner in some significant way, while still remaining visible next to the IT team's other tasks, so we can manage staffing and inventory, etc in daily standups. 
    We currently use Pending to mean: this is Pending a user response, and we should check back in if we don't hear from them in x amount of time. 
    We use On Hold to mean: This is pending a response from a vendor, a third-party, etc and we don't expect to hear back for a while. It doesn't need to be monitored daily, like the other tickets, but we still need to keep a conversation moving towards an end resolution. 
    Having an Onboarding status would allow us to structure the workflow more effectively. An agent could come in to work, "Play" through the open tickets to take care of new, open, pending, etc; with a logical flow that leads them from most, to least pressing. 

    I'd also change the name of the "Open" status as it can be confusing. To us a ticket is Open until it's Solved. I'd rather break things out in the way Alan described ^:

    • Pending User
    • Pending Agent 
    • Pending Vendor
  • Gaurav Parbat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All,

    We are actively working on adding the ability to customize your ticket statuses. We are currently working towards a very small closed EAP this quarter and will open up the EAP to a larger audience in the next 3-4 months. In the meantime please do sign up with the following survey.  This list also helps us plan our EAP programs.


    Gaurav Parbat,

    Ticketing Product Manager

  • Rich K. Pedersen

    Boy, this REALLY seems like such an easy option to make available. There are requests for this that go back over 10 years... What is the hold up??

  • Mark Anderson

    its been 3 months since the last post from a Product Manager -  what is the status for customized ticket statuses? 

  • Jonathan Milne

    This is a really useful feature.. often we have tickets that go on-hold for different reasons. Being able to have additional statuses would allow the ability to set triggers and rules for them more appropriately. 


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