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  • Laura Inostroza

    Has anyone had experience writing an Automation for sending out a follow up email to all users who rated their experience negatively but didn't leave any comment explaining why? My current CSAT survey goes out 2 hours after the ticket has been set to Solved, and we have an automation to Close all tickets 72 hours after they were Solved (so 3 days). So when someone rates within those 3 days, I would like Zendesk to send a follow up email saying something like "We noticed that your most recent interaction with our team was not to your satisfaction. Could you please let us know how we could assist you better?"

    These are the criteria I have, are you noticing anything wrong?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Laura, I'd make a couple of suggestions:
    1. I'd remove "Satisfaction is Bad with comment", since those people presumably have left a comment, and then you can move "Satisfaction is Bad" to the "Meet all" criteria section. (But if you want to send the notification even if they've left a comment as to why they thought their experience was bad, that's fine too.)
    2. You might want to shorted the length of time you have specified here -- if this automation sends the email notification 71 hours after the ticket was solved, then the user will only have one hour to follow up before the ticket is closed, and their response would create a followup ticket. I might set the limit to 48 hours instead, so there's at least a full 24 hours for them to respond. It's not the end of the world if a followup ticket is created, though, but it can impact your metrics since these are not really "new" support requests.
    3. VERY IMPORTANT! You'll definitely want to add a tag (use Add Tags, not Set Tags) on tickets where this email notification has been send (e.g., "csat_followup_sent") and then add a criteria to prevent the automation from firing on tickets that already have that tag (e.g., "Ticket: Tags Contains none of the following - csat_followup_sent") -- otherwise, your automation will fire and send an email notification every hour until 71 hours after the ticket has closed, whether the customer has responded or not. (And that will make your customers very unhappy)
    4. Finally, check out Satisfaction Reasons if you're not using them already -- they can provide a way for customers to tell you why they rated something bad, even without leaving a text comment: Working with satisfaction reasons
    Hope that helps!
  • Laura Inostroza

    Thanks Dave for all these suggestions, I've made some edits!

    We are using Satisfaction reasons already but I think the problem is that most of our clients are seeing the rating prompt in their email and never signing in to Zendesk afterwards to see the Bad rating reason pick list.

    This will surely help though, so I appreciate it!

  • Dave Dyson
    Sounds good, Laura – glad I could help!
  • Gerardo


    Is it possible to change the question of the survey?

    Is the place holder by default?

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi Gerardo - 

    Yes, you should be able to edit the question. There's more information on the placeholders and customization possibilities in this article: 

    Customizing your satisfaction survey

  • Sarah Seiwert

    Sorry that this part of the article isn't making sense to me (insert placeholder {{satisfaction.rating_section}} along with triggers...), but can someone help me construct what to put in my macro to create a unique URL for customers to change their ratings? 

  • Bob Sherer


    I don't recall where I found this, but here is the placeholder that I use in our macro, {{satisfaction.rating_url}}. I think that is what you seek. :D

  • Sarah Seiwert

    Thank you, Bob! If only it were that easy! Unfortunately, that placeholder is not available from my list of placeholders. Is this something only available to companies on respective plans? We're on a Legacy plan, so not sure if that offers any insight. 

  • Arianne Batiles
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Sarah Seiwert

    You can use these placeholders below that can be found here.




    This is also available for Legacy plan holders. 


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