Can I use an email alias or multiple emails with Sell?

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  • william davidson

    Is the recommended email setup that each user has their own email account, or can you use one sales email account between all users? 

  • Laura Hippert

    Hi William,

    While it is possible to sync one email address with multiple users, we don't support this workflow as you might see some issues with multiple users syncing to the same email account. We recommend each user integrating their Sell account with their own unique email address.

    Laura Hippert | Zendesk Sell Specialist | Senior Customer Advocate

    Visit our Support Center

    Call us at +1 888-670-4887 (press 1 for Zendesk Sell), Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm, Pacific Time

  • Taylor Griffith

    I've integrated email and emails are pulling into the Communications section, but no emails are showing up in Activity Reports.

    How do I get emails to show up in activity?

    Also, the phone number you posted above always says everyone is busy. Zendesk support is the worst I've encountered.

  • Kaja
    Hi Taylor,
    The activity reports will only show email activity for emails  that were sent after you have integrated your email with Sell. If that is the case and you still cannot see them please contact Zendesk Support and indicate you have issues with Zendesk Sell reports.

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