Can I stop a ticket from closing after 28 days?

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  • John D'Costa

    Closing tickets works great for the company that sell products.  For SaaS business this use case of closing tickets automatically in 28 days doesn't work.  Can you guys think of making this configuration driven.  It is really hard to manage the workflow of the tickets if tickets by default goes into close status bucket. 

  • Dan Amit

    This rule doesn't make sense. I found out that some of our meta-data of older tickets is incorrect and it seems like I can't change it. This is a real problem.

  • Craig Robichaud

    I am getting so frustrated with this "hardcoded" limitation. Is it some sort of loadbearing code? Why can this not be changed? I like a light weight instance as much as the next person, and I never had any speed issues with Freshdesk, and I had access to all tickets from the dawn of time. Sounds more like this was always intended to be better for ZENDESK's instance, and not really the end users'.

    And only 28 days? That is just not an appropriate ticket lifecycle. Especially for our needs, as we have regulatory obligations that require us to have access to this data, and be able to modify it as well to make corrections-- We are trying to use ZD as a system of record, something I was told you could be. Am I wrong to have this expectation? I know ZD is supposed to be HIPPA compliant at the subscription level my company pays for, so how do other HIPPA regulated companies you work with deal with this issue?

    Right now, I have backups in place using triggers to email pertinent info from tickets so that we have at least some long term record, but that's janky and, honestly, shouldn't be necessary. I haven't even closed an actual ticket for either of our brands since before Christmas, because I am worried about losing access to the data; I just set everything to "On Hold" and then lose out on automation possibilities, as well as other reporting based around "Solved" dates.

    I keep everything technically open now because not having a pool of tickets to work with, I also find it hard to see the impact of the changes I'm making to our workflows. We're in a transitional/growth stage, so there are a lot of those changes, and sometimes I make mistakes, and need to go back and adjust things, perhaps even on old closed tickets. Honestly, before I stopped closing tickets, I had my head torn off because I had to tell the boss I couldn't provide new insights on old data because ZD didn't think we needed access to that.

    We're sort of stuck with ZD for right now because of various integrations, but we absolutely cannot scale without better access to our tickets, and if the company line on this for 3yrs has been that it's hardcoded and removing it will tear the fabric of space and time, then I don't see any other option but to look at other solutions--

    And I don't want any feedback or advice from anyone about using reporting to get this info. That's a crappy cop-out answer. I'll be looking into the reporting stuff more for sure, but I don't think viewing, changing, and exporting tickets older than 28 days is a massive feature request. More like standard functionality.


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