Can I have an account admin who is not a Zendesk Support agent?

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  • Jorge Rivero

    Who in their right mind would downvote this question?

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jorge,
    It's likely that people downvoted this because they didn't like the answer. Please review our Community Code of Conduct - it's fine to ask why someone would downvote something, or express bafflement, but we ask that you be respectful of your fellow community members. Thanks!
  • James Russell

    Not allowing an Admin who is unlicensed boggles my mind.  As an IT admin I do not use ticketing, reports, chat or any of the features as I do not need too other teams do, however I am expected to support our teams who are not necessarily experts in looking after, SMTP, SSO, Telephony etc.  I cannot have a licence as 100gbp+ for me to be able to support is not economic so a task that should only take one person some time to do ends up being a teams call and two of us working on it so changes can be made. Get asked can Zendesk to x or y I cannot answer as I cannot look and check so things always take longer to implement.


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