How do I filter my views by ticket subject?

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  • Zaar Hai

    I couldn't believe I can't create a view filtering on the subject. And I still can't believe this feature is still not in ZD though been requested 4 years ago.

    Looks like ZD entered the "slow race" competing with other big enterprises on whom does take is the longest to develop a new feature.

    Sorry for venting my frustration here but this is a second simple-must-have-feature after "see all the tickets I'm following" that I encountered as still missing despite being requested for years.

    Now I ended up writing my own ETL to take ZD data to BigQuery so that I can actually see it (:face palm:)

  • Juan Sanchez

    I can't believe this isn't a feature! So frustrating.

  • Oliver Tietze

    Zendesk (and @...)

    could you please make the product team fix this? This is a flaw that only turns visible in case of error (and potential frustration) when you start searching the support base for the issue and find out: I'm not alone.

    This is an incredible gap, as "subject" can be searched barely anywhere, I can only consider the exclusion in Views as a bug, sorry.

    Please help!


  • Oliver Tietze

    @... thanks for your explanation, which shows even more that it's NOT a solution to first change (historic and new) tickets by use of a trigger to THEN be able to find it.

    The workaround doesn't work on closed tickets (as one example) so it's hardly a workaround at all :(

    Best regards,

  • Joe Vita

    Considering that email is one of the foundational channels of Zendesk, this seems like a huge miss and should be easy to fix. Workarounds are fine as a temporary solution, but I can't go back and tag closed tickets so that doesn't work.

  • Brian Kneebone

    I spent 45 minutes only to find this later. I'm assuming there's some hosting cost avoidance for costly operations going on here. The ticketing recommendation as a work around is not practical for me. I would like to see the ability to filter on subject conditionals like others are requesting here. Thank you.

  • Jessica C

    This is incredibly frustrating to find out. This should be an mandatory option since you are a HelpDesk solution!

  • Donovan Bray

    Searching the description has to be more resource intensive than searching the subject, I don't understand or can fathom how this is still a problem.

  • Łukasz

    It's very frustrating. Please add subject filtering option. Workarounds are just workarounds. You cannot share a workaround and treat the problem as "issue solved" 

  • Lawrence Dye

    Along with the other commenters here, I find it bewildering that description can be used to filter a view but subject cannot.

    There isn't really much more to say about it, the use cases are obvious.

  • Jeff Stephenson

    I'm chiming in as well we need to be able to create filters by subject! It's silly to even ask for this. 

  • CJ Robinson

    It seems we recently lost the ability to sort by subject on any of our views as well.
    Why can't the email subject get any ZD love?

  • Josef Prandstetter

    We would also like to create tickets views with a condition on the ticket subject.

  • Moses Hohman

    It does seem fairly crazy that you still can't filter views/sort views by subject. Please implement, Zendesk team, it would be so helpful. Thank you!

  • Arkady Kaminski

    One of the reasons to never sign up for this planform is that Zendesk Support does not have this search function. It should be a standard feature.


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