Is there a way to link tickets in Support?

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  • Kelsey Davis

    HI @...

    I have just installed this and think it's fantastic. However I am unclear if something is expected behaviour or a bug. I tried first to link ticket as parent and child and it updated the ticket with a new tag, however nothing showed up in the Linkets app on the side panel. It seems I first have too link them as related, before then linking them as Parent or Child. Is this right? Also fyi I haven't tried Blocks yet.

  • Justin Federico


    I am currently using the Project Management App to link tickets. We have a certain situation where we are creating a new ticket via the API and we are looking for a way to auto-magically link the new ticket to the original ticket. I have not found a way to do this in the Project App and was wondering if the Linkets app could help us here.

    I have not tried the Linkets app yet so I figured I would ask beforehand.


  • Alex Glover

    @... - You shouldn't have to set any other relationships first, you should be able to create a link as a parent or child directly. The linked tickets display in the Linkets app on the side panel is based on Zendesk's search API, so sometimes linked tickets will not display immediately. This is because the search data lags behind the transactional ticket data. I would try refreshing after a few seconds to see if that is the case.

    @... - Linkets won't address the use case you've described, at least not directly. However, you could achieve what you've described if you set the same tags that Linkets uses (see source) when you create the new ticket via the API. Then you could use Linkets to view these relationships, even though Linkets didn't create the tags. In order to keep the bi-directional relationship, your API call would need to update the original ticket (for example, by setting the `lnkt:blcks:123` tag) and set the tag on the new ticket (for example, setting the `lnkt:blckdby:456` tag). I would recommend playing around with Linkets and examining the tags it creates if you want to explore this workaround further.

  • Wilfred Kaw

    Hello everyone!

    The native way to achieve a parent > child relationship between tickets is to utilise our ticket types: Problem and Incident. If you set the 'parent' ticket as a 'Problem' type and the 'child' tickets as an 'Incident' type, you can link all incidents to one Problem ticket. You can find out more here:
    Working with problem and incident tickets 

  • Dan Ross
    Community Moderator

    The risk here is that one agent updating/solving the problem ticket cascades the updates to all the incident tickets, which is not always appropriate. 

    For this to be truly useful, we need the ability to either restrict who can solve and update problem tickets or we need the ability to establish a relation between two tickets but not have them be impacted by changes to each other. 

  • Wilfred Kaw

    Hello @Dan Ross,

    I understand and agree with your concern there.

    One way to go about this is to leave an internal note on the Problem Ticket if you're not wanting the comment to be public facing.

    Another way is to use custom roles where you can adjust who has permission to do what type of action.

    You can find more information about custom user roles and setting permissions here: Creating custom roles and assigning agents

  • Justin Federico

    Has the Project Management App been updated recently? We are now seeing that comments made to a child ticket are being added to the parent ticket as an internal note.

    Just not sure when this started and if there was a way to control this.

  • Neil
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Justin,

    An update was made previously but, it was reverted around 10 days ago as similar concerns was raised by few other customers.

    If you update the current version of the app that is installed, adding comments to parent ticket should be back to normal.

  • Margaret Boisvert

    I am using the Linked Ticket app.  It allows you to create a new ticket as a child of the existing ticket.  You can also use the Zendesk API to update the Linked Data field with child of: or parent of: in order to link existing tickets. I am successfully using this when creating a new ticket via the API. Linked Data has to be populated on both records for the issue to show in the Linked Ticket app.  This same process could be used to link existing tickets together rather than having to create a new ticket to be linked.

  • Boris Fernandez

    Installed that app . I am struggling to understand two things : 

    - Why is the field not showing. What makes it "hidden" in the view ? 
    - Why cannot we linked two existing tickets already ? Notes are not an efficient way for our agents to see the information like this. Fields are.

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Boris,
    Can I know what App have you installed?

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