Measuring customer satisfaction with the Zendesk Benchmark

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  • Mark Sewell

    Is the above still accurate? Is there still not a way in Explore to show the industry benchmark? 

  • Michael Froeming
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, this is still accurate. There's still no way in Explore to show the industry benchmark.



  • Paul McCabe

    I am confused. We can't access this benchmark data in Explore, and it is no longer available in the Reporting section of Support. So, you simply can't get there from here?

  • Joel Mayer

    I second that.  Very confused about where I can see this info.

  • Ana Leitão

    It seems the last 2 questions are not answered. The question remains. 

  • Alberta Country Test 2

    Hi Michael Froeming! Could you confirm whether or not is it now possible to show the industry benchmark in Explore?

    If this is not possible: I am looking for a way to add to our dashboard a "goal widget" for CSAT score. Our current CSAT should then always compare to the "goal widget" and show us how close we are to it.

    Is there any way to build a widget which is not supposed to be an actual report, but just to function as benchmark comparison for another widget within the same dashboard?

  • Gab Guinto
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Alberta,

    The Benchmark values aren't available in Explore at this time but a workaround, if you need to display a constant value in your dashboards is to create a metric/report using a fixed calculated metric. You can create an advanced fixed metric and just input the number that you need to use as 'goal'. Example:

    You will need to manually updater these metrics if you have to change the goal/benchmark value.
  • Alberta Country Test 2

    Hi Gab Guinto! Thank you so much for your reply. I have two questions as a follow-up:

    1. How can I display the fixed metric as a percentage? I just need to add the % sign next to the number, for visual reasons. So, in the example you sent, instead of just "94", how could I create the fixed metric so that it displays "94%"?

    2. I will add fixed metric A to a dashboard. In this dashboard, there is also KPI B. I want KPI B to automatically be compared to fixed metric A, and to always show an arrow down if B is lower than A, or an arrow up when B is higher than A. Is this possible in any way? If yes, how?


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