Can I add additional fields on my pre-chat form?

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  • Attractive.Media

    Site visitors can only enter their name & email address, while we are unable to categorize and/or sort these messages?

    Please Clarify: If I want to have these basic extra fields (Category of Issue, Description of Issue), I need to pay an additional $100/month for Sunshine Conversations?

    If so, this is unacceptable. The amount we already pay to Zendesk should cover this simple ask. It's very bad that we don't have the capability to add these fields if the system is just going to create a ticket anyway.

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Attractive.Media

    Thanks a lot for your interesting question.
    You can configure extra custom ticket fields via Zendesk Messaging Flow Builder.  
    For example, take a look at the following option: 
    - Ask for details
    Therefore you can recreate the same custom field values using the Flow Builder

    There are some screenshots from my test account:
    - From Configuration side

    From Preview side

    Hope it helps

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