Can I create a view of tickets I'm CC'd on? 

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  • Matthew Markwald

    Is there any plan on adding this? This and not being able to do views by subject would be hugely helpful for managing my caseload.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    HI Matthew, 

    There's an ongoing conversation about this in the product feedback forums in our community here: I should be able to create a View for tickets I'm cc'd on 

    I encourage you to up-vote the request and share any additional details in the comments on that thread. We've got it on the product manager's radar, and that is where they will make updates if and when this is something they're able to work on. 

  • Mike Jones

    It looks like Zendesk has deleted most of this thread, otherwise you would see my exact same question from several years ago. Very disappointing.

  • Chuck Aurora

    This feature really is needed.  Viewing followed tickets in my profile means I can no longer see my assigned tickets.  I need both, because I need a quick means to see all tickets which might need something from me.

  • James T. Guthrie

    Giving this a bump. This would be useful. 

  • Dan Tennant-Ralphs

    Hi, this would be super helpful, thanks!

    ''Hi, is it possible to create a view in Zendesk, similar to in Intercom, to show where one has been mentioned/tagged on a ticket? I couldn't find a condition by internal notes, for example.''

  • Kristian Hill

    Adding to this to.

    A view or report in explore that would show all the tickets im a follower on would be a very good quality of life add.

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    I'd love to see the ability to add this category to "My Unsolved Tickets" view for my 26 agents.  Please consider.

  • Chris Swinney



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