Can I have multiple agent signatures?

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  • Marina

    As a bilingual Zendesk client, it's a barrier that we can't set up multiple signatures for our agents. Using the macros solution means extra manual edits on every ticket, exactly what we try to avoid with Zendesk. 

  • EA

    Seems like this app is supposed to solve this issue, We haven't tried it ourselves yet...

  • Ailyn Swinton

    Hi Bryan, Text messages have the standard 160 character limitation in length. So if the message has more than these characters, it will be split into two messages.

  • Bryan Rivard

    How does this work with Talk? If i'm cognizant of character limits that means I can't have the links or closings I would put in an email because that signature would carry over to text messages  would overload the character limit, correct?


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