Insights recipe: Adding limits and goals into reports

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  • Hannah Voice

    Is anything along these lines possible in Explore? Thanks!

  • Marie-Cathrine
    Community Moderator

    Hi @...,

    A way to get something along the lines of this could be to use trend lines to display your goal and limit. Here is a small tutorial as to how this can be done:

    1. Create a new Query by select Dataset you want to use (I've used Support: Tickets).
    2. Select the Metric you want to measure (I've used First resolution time).
    3. Select the Attributes you want the data split by and place them in Columns.
    4. Set the Visualization type to Column.
    5. Create two new Standard calculated metrics by clicking the Calculations icon in the panel on the right. 
    6. Name the first one Goal and add the number you want to be your goal in the Formula.
    7. Click Compute separately and click Save.
    8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 but with your Limit data.
    9. Add the Limit and Goal metrics to Metrics with the aggregator set to AVG and the type set to Trend.
    10. Go to Chart configuration > Legend and set position to Bottom and select Inline style
    11. You can also change the colors of your trend lines by going to Chart configuration > Colors.

    You should now have a report similar to this:

    I hope this helps you in the right direction of what you want :)

    #helpsome regards,
    Marie-Cathrine Sørensen
    BI Specialist & Developer @

  • Hannah Voice

    This is extremely helpful, I really appreciate you taking the time to write that up. Thank you! 🙌


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