Why do I see a CAPTCHA security check page in Zendesk (Web or API)?

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  • Zachary Kinder

    or just get rid of the stupid thing and build a better human validation program.  It is causing a lot of my users to not be able to do their jobs.  We are Whitelisted IP addresses.  

    You can repeat the same talk that there is no issue but if multiple responses are coming in.....maybe there is an issue. Just saying

  • DMS Support


    I have two users who are getting reCaptcha every time they navigate from our web app to ZD via JWT - which they do frequently. There is no problem with their IP, so it seems like there is an issue with the ZD implementation here (i.e., it's too indiscriminate). Only two users have *reported* this so far, but my concern is the issue will become more widepread and - as Zachary says above - it's a real pain.

    Could someone at ZD take a closer look?

    Ticket I've submitted on this:



    In both cases I was referred to this page.


    Ben (ServeMinnesota)

  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Ben,

    I can see that you have a ticket created regarding this issue, so don't worry! Our Customer Support will help you check this incident.


  • Alberto


    is there an update on the CAPTCHA management in Zendesk? As DMS Support user reported earlier, I too have a few users who are getting Captcha challenge every time they log in to Zendesk. I have checked on https://www.projecthoneypot.org/ and there is no problem with their IPs. Can you please post any updates here so other users can benefit?

    Thank you

  • DMS Support


    No update I'm aware of I'm afraid. It's not practical for us to be asking end users to generate HAR files, so for now the users are just having to live with this.



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