What are my ticket export options?

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  • Pedro Reis

    What about exporting tickets via zendesk explorer?


  • Dave Dyson

    Hi Pedro -

    You can schedule a Dashboard to be delivered via CSV or Excel format, so if you have a table of tickets, then that will include the columns present in the dashboard reports. This could be a way to get a list of ticket IDs that match a particular set of criteria, but it's not really a full ticket export. Hope that helps!

    Scheduling dashboard deliveries

  • CJ Johnson

    This article is incorrect. The question states, "including all the ticket details such as comments or email addresses " -- This absolutely is not possible in Explore. You cannot get all comments in Explore. 

  • Dave Dyson

    Good point, CJ, thanks for the heads-up. I'll see if we can adjust the answer there. I don't believe JSON export includes ticket comments either.

  • Tetiana Belevska

    It all depends on how you want to export your tickets with all the details. If you want to export them as backup data, then the options above are just good for you. 

    But, if you want to move them to a new Zendesk account or another help desk solution, it would take a lot of time to export data in CSV, JSON, or XML files. For merging Zendesk accounts or migrating to a new help desk solution, you can try Help Desk Migration.

  • Sarah Owens


    Is it possible to use Zendesk Connector to export tickets that have particular tags, for instance,  exporting into Google Sheets?

  • Dave Dyson
    HI Sarah, I think there are multiple things called "Zendesk Connector" out there -- which one are you referring to?
  • Sarah Owens

    Hi Dave,
    Thank you for your prompt response.
    We are looking at using Zendesk Connector with Google Sheets. We’d like to export specific tags in our Zendesk tickets into a Google Sheets file. We’ve managed so far but the result is not pretty. Can you offer some advice?

  • Ollie



    Is there any work planned to improve this process with out the use of API or a custom paid app. We have a number of Subject Access Requests that are dealt with by a specific team, they are not comfortable using the API and need to export tickets 1 by 1; which as you can guess is considerably time consuming. It'd be a great to go to be able to select multiple tickets and export all.

    Alternatively can role permissions be added to allow particular individuals to bulk export natively with out needing to be given full admin permissions?



  • Silas Johnson

    is there any way to extract the comments using the api? I have tried looking everywhere. For Example, i would like to extract all tickets from a group and make a csv row called comments so I can see the comments for that ticket. Is this possible?


  • Roger

    Sarah Owens

    Did you have any progress on exporting the tag data?

    We are facing the same issue in here. We can get a lot of information about the ticket, but we can't get the tags information.. 

    I'm dont understand if this is a exportation type problem or if we need to create and ID_PROBLEM for each tag. 
    Any ADMIN could light us down here? hehe :P  



    Roger A.

  • Gustavo Oliveira
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Sarah,
    If you are talking about this connector Developed by Google, so I will not get in too deep on this one.

    But you could use our API for it instead.
    Or, you can create a report based on tags in Explore, and then proceed to export the results. Here some article related to Reporting in Explore with tags: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408838151450-Reporting-with-tags

    Hi Oliver,

    Apologies, but I couldn't see anything about it so far.

    Hi Silas,

    You could export the tickets JSON export described in this article.

    It's very similar to the information you'd get from the Ticket Comments API.


    Since tickets and comments can get quite large, we usually recommend smaller JSON exports. You can use the date range tools to limit the size of each file. You'll also need to use a text editor to adjust the formatting slightly, so the file as a whole can be viewed as JSON. (Each exported ticket has proper JSON formatting, but they aren't grouped together in the file.)


    Or you could use a 3rd party App from the Marketplace, like this one. Just a reminder, it is a 3rd party app, so it is out of scope of Support if you need any help.

    Hi Roger,

    Let's talk about it over a private ticket. 


  • Lauren Stables

    Hi, is JSON the only method of export that shows all of the detail, for example I want to download ticket information but want to be able to see all of the conversation that has happened between the customer and the agent, if they had a live chat, I want to see that conversation in the download but it doesn't seem to be an option when downloading to CSV

  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Lauren, yes that is the case.
  • Jasmine Winzeler

    Hello, I exported ticket data today and it is not displaying nested drop down values - it isn't even a blank column.  It is just not included.  How do I get that data into the CSV export?

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jasmine, 
    I have created a ticket for you to investigate on this behavior further. Please wait for my email and let's continue from there.
  • Todd Cary

    Is there any way to download the CC'ed of a work order into a report??


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Todd,
    Full XML export will contain the CC'ed users in a ticket. 
  • Patrick Arrastia


    We are on an Enterprise account with multiple brands. I'm trying to use the incremental ticket export to export tickets from Brand:x, with tag:y, created at less than 90 days (rolling 90 day window). Having trouble getting any of the 'filters' to apply such as brand, and how to convert unix timestamp to today minus 90d.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.



  • Santiago Perez



    We need to export data from one particular ticket. Our account was canceled a few weeks ago, how could we do this?


  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Patrick,

    It seems that your concern was already answered in your post: Incremental ticket export api filtered by brand.
    Hi Santiago,

    Unfortunately, it's no longer possible if the account has already been cancelled for several weeks.
  • Burim Ibrahimi

    Hey All

    I understand the .JSON export is the ONLY option if you need to export everything from Zendesk, that say to include ticket ID's / Subjects / Descriptions / Comments etc etc. basically everything. 

    The challenge, however, to export only ticket assigned to a specific Group or/and raised by XYZ.
    What are the options in this regards?

    Alternatively, what would the API URL call be as such? 

  • Zsa Trias
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hello Burim,

    You can use the Search API to pull a list of tickets that are currently assigned to the specific group and was requested by a certain user/organization. 

    For example: 

    …/api/v2/search.json?query=group:"Group A" requester:"username"

    This should return the ticket ID, subject and description.
    Once you have the information, you can then use the Ticket Comments API to pull the comments for each ticket ID. 

  • Almog Zamir

    I would like to export all tickets' comments of tickets that contain a specific tag or have a specific value in one of their fields.

    Can someone share any detailed way to do it or any Get request example?

  • Mike dela Rosa
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Almog!

    Closest one we have to export the ticket comments is using our Incremental Exports API, you can then sideload the comment_events.

    One more article for reference: Exporting All ticket events

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