How can I combat spam submitted via web service?

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  • Ed Ball

    Can you reject/suspend emails with a wildcard in the blocklist?  We can't block specific emails since he changes the email after every ticket he submits. I have reported him to google, but who knows what good that would do. He always uses the same name then adds a + and then some random characters. So stopping him is a challenge. We suspend them as they come in but really that is futile since he never reuses them.

    reject:NAME*             or something like that?

    We have a very persistent person who is using a bot for sure to spam us for help. We have found no way to stop this from happening. I do not see what channel the tickets are using, but it does not appear to be email. Just looking for anyone that may have had to deal with something similar.

    We have a ticket with zendesk, but turning off account creation is not an option at this time.

  • Antoni Saetta

    With a fully open instance of Zendesk where we reply to our customers via e-mail, how would you update a trigger that notifies them of our reply via e-mail to combat spam? The subject surely has to be "Re: {{ticket.title}}" to re-use what the customer set as a subject in his initial e-mail.


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