How do I create a trigger based on a ticket subject?

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  • Plick


    I have a followed every step you have described except I don't have the Ticket-Is-Created choice. It worked for one trigger: it tagged the messages and put them in the correct view. However when I created another trigger, in the exact same way it suddenly does not work. It seems to be some problem with the tagging for some reason. Do not know what to do. 

  • Jason Schaeffer
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Niki,

    Are you saying that you do not have the option in your Trigger Conditions to select "Ticket Is Created"? On the Trigger you have created that is working, is that one of the current conditions? You could always try cloning that trigger and then just adjusting the specifics of the other conditions.

    To clone a trigger

    In the sidebar, click the Admin icon, then select Business Rules > Triggers.
    On the Triggers page, locate the trigger you want to clone.
    Hover your mouse over the trigger to display the options menu icon (Trigger options menu).
    Click the options menu icon and select Clone.
    Modify the title, conditions, and actions as needed.
    Click Create trigger.

    Hope that helps!

    Jason Schaeffer | Customer Advocate |

  • Aakash Dhawan


    I do not seem to have the Subject option, even though we have an enterprise account. 

    Any feedback will be helpful. 


  • Blanca
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi there Aakash,

    Are you wanting to have a tag automatically be added when you set the Subject field of a ticket to something specific? Or maybe you can share exactly what you would like to achieve on this trigger?

    Blanca | Customer Advocate

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  • Ambre


    J'ai cherché plusieurs fois dans la liste des conditions de déclenchement mais nous n'avons jamais eu la possibilité de sélectionner : sujet. Ce dernier est absent de la liste.

    Pour quelle raison ? Je suis dans la même situation que Rodger Bradford plus haut dans les commentaires.

    Une idée ?


  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Salut Christophe,

    Vous devriez voir "Texte de sujet" si vous faites défiler la liste plus bas. J'espère que cela pourra aider!

  • Ambre

    Bonjour Dave,

    Merci pour votre message.

    Malheureusement non. Nous n'avons jamais la possibilité d'utiliser "Texte du sujet". Est ce lié au type d'abonnement ? Nous avons la suite Growth


  • Vijitkumar Kumaran
    • Contains at least one of the following words (separated by spaces) - can the words be populated from external file like a file reference instead of words separated by spaces directly
  • zach.prasser

    Does the condition 'Subject text' mean the subject title of the email/support-request? I'm looking to make a Trigger to add a tag that will automatically assign the ticket to a queue for a group of agents to handle, if the ticket has "Voicemail from" in the subject line of the ticket/email. 

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Yes, the subject test is the title as you described. So you can say:

    Meet all conditions

    • Subject Text>Contains the following string>Voicemail from


    • Add tags>myTag
    • Group>myGroup


  • Ambar Rodriguez

    Hi There! 

    Is it possible to use Subject Text>Contains at least one of the following words combined with operators, to try to do an AND search?

    For example:

    Subjects that contain 'apples AND bananas', or 'apples + bananas'.

    Thank you!

  • Alyssa Allen


    I do not have the dropdown that says "Subject Text Contains," how to I get this.


  • Dane Adriano
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Alyssa,
    This should be available on all account. Please check the screenshot for reference. If in case it's indeed missing, feel free to contact support directly and we'll gladly investigate it for you. 


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