Why can't I add more than 1,000 contacts to a MailChimp mailing list?

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  • Laura Sällberg

    Hi there! Good idea, but I have no option to "filter my smart list to include all contacts without the tag". In the filter option for TAGS I can only choose WITH TAGS or WITHOUT TAGS but not WITHOUT THE SPECIFIC TAG "BULK 1" (as an example tag). Also, I can only tag 1000 contacts at a time, which makes it impossible to work with 2 new tags as of which 1 or 2 would be set as AND/OR and help with the suggested workaround. Please explain in more detail, how we would be able to do above. Thank you in advance! Kind regards, Laura

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Laura,
    Please follow these steps.
    1. Select a set of contacts/leads from the Smart List. Use the filter "Without Tags".
    2. Add your preferred tag to these contacts/leads. In this case "Tag1".
    3. Sync to Mailchimp.
    4. Once all contacts/leads have been tagged with "Tag1", you need to search for contact/leads that have tags but not "Tag1". Use the "With Tags" filter the select Any under "Display". Select all the other tags except "Tag1". This will allow you to search for contact leads that are already using other tags.
    Hope this helps.

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