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  • Jagan

    Has there been any changes to the SDK that impacts this app? We are seeing the following issue starting Monday.

    Issue 1: The app takes a long time to reflect when the Form is updated. If Form A has multiple mandatory fields and Form B has none, the app shows an error for Form A after changing to Form B.

    Issue 2: Throws an error around null and map frequently.


  • Mike

    Does anybod know the solution for this error?

  • Jagan

    Hi Mike,

    This is one of the issues I reported earlier. This is annoying. We have raised a support case no progress yet.

    Can someone from Zendesk prioritize this? This is very annoying.

  • Shaun Murray

    I would like to hide specific groups in the Assignee field from some groups.

    We have two brands and have some brand-specific groups set up. We have some agents (usually new agents still learning things) in one brand that do need to work with the second brand and would like to hide those brand-specific groups so tickets do not get sent to the wrong group on accident. I have attempted to use this app to hide the groups from the assignee field, it seems like it should work because that field is a drop-down and not a multi-select. What I don't know what are the tags for the different groups? I have tried several things similar to the group names with no success. Is what I am trying to do even possible?

    I have put this under the "Hide dropdown form options" section:

    [{"name": "assignee", "value": "group_name"}]

  • Thomas Lang

    Dane did you ever figure out the error that states cannot read properties of null (reading 'map')

  • Jamie Noell

    Could we get an update on the message that Bill raised?

    We have started facing the same issue:

    "Cannot read properties of null (reading 'map')"

  • Bill Reed

    The issue only occurred for us so far in one very specific circumstance and eventually went away on its own. Never did determine why it occurred.

  • Thomas Lang


    We are still experiencing this.

    Dane is there a root cause, fix for this?

    Very annoying issue.

    Thank you

  • Ronald Suplido Jr
    Hi Julius, 

    Thanks for your inquiry! I will be creating a separate ticket to address your concern with the Ticket Field manager app. You can expect a follow-up email from me the soonest. Thanks!



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