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  • Nicky Clark

    Is there a way to disable or reduce fuzzy search? We have clients complaining that they struggle to figure out which articles are helpful to them because the search results return so many possible matches, and they feel overwhelmed. 

    A good example is that I just searched for "gender" and had 34 possible matches returned. Only 2 of our articles actually contain the word gender - the rest were all matching on terms like "general", "generally" and "generated". 

    I understand the intent of fuzzy search and can see how it's picked up those terms, but for our users, it's creating noise more than being helpful. 

  • Jarl Frode Arntzen

    Is there a way to disable or reduce fuzzy search?

    We have the same issue here as well as an related issue.

    If our customers search for the word "workflow" we get maybe 10 results while if they search for "workflow group" you would expect them to get fewer results where all must contain both words but instead we get 28 results where the articles contain just one of the words. So the search do not work with an implicit AND operator between the search words but instead use implicit OR.

    Effectively, this yields our documentation kinda useless and we're currently looking for alternatives to Zendesk Guide.

    Please advice.

  • Laura Mayer-Sommer

    How far does stemming go? Is it pretty much limited to standard prefixes/suffixes (de-, re-, un-, -ing, -ed) or will things like info/information and config/configuration match?

  • mee mmt

    I want to display few articles by default when search result is zero. Is there any way to achieve that?

  • Meghan

    Was there a recent update to this (like today?), search results are pulling in articles without the keyword and seem to have flipped the sort order we were seeing yesterday and it's causing some mayhem. How can we fix this? 

  • Alex Ruano

    We are also seeing this drastic shift in how search results are being sorted. This appears to have started today for us as well. Our teams are reporting articles that are normally at the top of search results being buried into page two or three of the results rather than the top few choices. The search tool seems to be pulling in articles that are not associated with (or very loosely associated with) the search terms being entered by our team members. It is as though the search tool is ignoring tags and article titles when sorting results. It is causing a lot of inconvenience for our team and our regular use of our Knowledge Base. Was there any recent changes (starting today/last night) and is there anything that can be done to resolve this issue?

  • Nicky Clark

    Yes, we're also seeing this issue today, which renders the search effectively useless. A search for 'Teams' returns our article titled 'Teams' (and which contains the term team or teams forty-three times) on the second page 🙈

    Edit: I've contacted Zendesk support directly and they've confirmed this is related to a known incident their devs are working on.

  • Nicolas P.

    Hey Patrick Morgan! Sorry for the late reply to your message.
    I got in touch with our content team about your comment. They confirmed that it was a mistake and they deleted the phrase.
    Thank you for pointing that out!

  • Hannah Lucid


    Is there a way to turn off the Article Voting?

  • Amy Gracer
    Community Moderator

    Hannah Lucid

    You can hide the voting feature on the articles page. 

    Comment out this section

    {{!-- {{#with article}}
              <div class="article-votes">
                <span class="article-votes-question" id="article-votes-label">{{t 'was_this_article_helpful'}}</span>
                <div class="article-votes-controls" role="group" aria-labelledby="article-votes-label" style="float:none">
                    {{vote 'up' role='radio' class='button article-vote article-vote-up' selected_class="button-primary"}}
                    {{vote 'down' role='radio' class='button article-vote article-vote-down' selected_class="button-primary"}}
                <div class="article-votes-controls"><small class="article-votes-count">
                  {{vote 'label' class='article-vote-label'}}</small>



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